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Teachers use the URcast System to build, schedule, and deliver educational materials as Messages to student devices. Primarily they will use the Message Builder application to do this, but it's recommended that they also use the Student Message Center application to receive those Messages so they can see what the student will experience on their device when those messages are delivered.

Message Builder comes as a native Windows application for environments where the teachers have Windows devices. For other environments or in cases where you can't use a Windows device, the URcast Server hosts a web version of the Message Builder application.

Icon: Message Builder Windows Message Builder  icon:windows
Web Message Builder  icon: wwweb

There is a Student Message Center application (or app) for each of the major student device types. All versions download and display the same URcast Messages with some minor differences based on device limitations.

Icon: Message Center Student Message Center for Windows   icon: windows
Student Message Center for Android devices   icon: android
Student Message Center for iOS devices   icon: ios
Student Message Center for Chrome devices   icon: chrome

Additional Information

You can learn more by downloading and reading the documents below:

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