Icon: URadminToolURcast Administrator's Tool   icon: Web

The URcast Administrator's toolkit gives technicians and administrator's a set of tools for managing the URcast infrastructure. It can be used by any modern web browser but requires a login with administrator's access. The table below lists several

Icon: Teacher Config Teacher Account Configuration  icon:wwweb
Add, remove, or configure a teacher account, including defining its classes. You can also control which user logins have access them and set their quota values.
Icon: Login Manager Login Manager  icon:wwweb
Add, remove, or configure user logins including enabling or disabling users and assigning attributes for restricted or administrative users.
Icon: Usage Tool Usage Tool  icon:wwweb
Display the resources used by Teacher Accounts and their classes.
Icon: Server Tools Server Tools  icon:wwweb
Manage this URcast Server including things like configuring upgrades, licenses, and server-to-server replication.

Additional Information

You can learn more by downloading and reading the documents below:

PDF Logo Using the URcast Administrator's Tool